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The History of the Band

The Band was formed in 2004 by Peter Burkes, who played the Drums. Reg Reid was the Musical Director, and the Band met in the Crown Pub in Shrawley, Worcestershire, hence the name "Crown Phoenix".

The Current line up

In 2010, Peter Burkes retired from the band. The Band is now run by a committee of the members of the band (one per section), and we are pleased to welcome back Reg Reid to the position of musical director . 

How exactly do you make a Big Band?

Our big band is a fairly typical formation, consisting of Four Trumpets, Four Trombones, Five Saxophones, Piano, Bass, Guitar and Drums. Click here to find out more about the members of the band. For some tunes we are also joined by our female vocalist Julie Knight or a male vocalist. The Saxophone section usually comprises of two tenor saxophones, two alto saxophones and a baritone saxophone. Which sounds simple, however, sax players being sax players, they often have a competition to see who can play the most instruments in a gig, with clarinets usually making an appearence. Occasionally you'll see one or two of the trumpet players flirting with a Flugel Horn.

When do we play?

The band plays a mixture of open and private gigs, and is available for hire for dances, weddings, charity fund raisers and other events throughout Worcestershire and the surrounding area. Please see our gig list for forthcoming events, including details of where you can buy tickets, if appropriate.


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